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Windermere Music Academy is excited to announce a change in our dance department! We are now offering Stage Dance Classes!

Now Offering Stage Dance Program:

All stage dance disciplines will be headed by Ballet Mistress Mara Palahniuk.  Stage Dance consists of performance dance i.e. Ballet and Jazz that originated as dance to be performed on stage rather than on the street.  All students above the age of four will be required to attend two rehearsals per week. 

There are many benefits to having more than one dance class per week. By attending more than once class a week, dancers are able to gain and build new skills faster. As well, the repetition of having class more than once a week will increase a dancer’s ability to remember choreography.  In addition to a much more skilled dancer, your son/daughter will learn new lifelong lessons and skills including teamwork, responsibility, accountability and engagement. As well, one of the most important benefits being long time friends and fun!


Mara Palahniuk

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 11.19.42

Stage Dance Department Head and Ballet Mistress

 Mara has been dancing since she was three years old. Beginning with the styles of Ballet and Ukrainian dance, she pursued her passion of dance into many other stage dance styles, including Jazz, Ballroom and Latin and Martha Graham Modern dance. Mara has traveled all over the world for dance. Studying at the Alberta Ballet, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Joffrey Ballet in New York and, the Royal Academy of Dance in London, England. In these programs, Mara was told by many that she had a natural eye for teaching and a talent for creating choreography. She followed this passion of hers and became a teacher and choreographer at the age of fourteen.  Mara has been a professional dancer since the age of fifteen when she was accepted to the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers.  Since then, she continues to dance professionally with Shumka, dancing Ballet and Pointe, as well as teaching for Windermere Music Academy. An institution she has taught at since its opening. Mara is currently studying at the University of Alberta.

Alyssa Stoddard

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 11.19.56

Stage Dance Instructor

 Alyssa has been dancing for thirteen years focusing in Ukrainian dance, Ballet, and Contemporary. She completed eleven years of training at Shumka School of Dance learning Ukrainian dance and Ukrainian culture. Shumka School of Dance gave Alyssa the opportunity to grow as a dancer and a leader and instilled a passion for dance that would inspire her to teach a new generation of dancers. In 2016 she started teaching at the Shumka School of Dance. Alyssa learned that value of details and returning to the basics through teaching because strong technique creates strong dancers. She believes that both the students and teachers learn from dance class, and her greatest joy is seeing her students perform on stage. In 2017 Alyssa started dancing semi-professionally with the Viter Ukrainian Dancers and Folk Choir. Alyssa believes that a passionate instructor creates passionate dancers. Alyssa is currently studying at the University of Alberta.

Interested to learn more?

*Please contact for questions.


To register or book a trial class please contact us at or or leave us a message in the contact box below.

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