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 Group Music Lessons

Our following group classes are coming soon. Sign up to our waiting list and we'll contact you regarding class schedules. 

Music Class

Toddler music class

30 mins lesson (4-6 kids)
4 lessons/ $100,  total 3 sessions,

Get 10% off if registered for 3 sessions


Class schedule

Saturday 9:00-9:30, 9:40-10:20 or


Practicing Violin

WMA Group Violin

Maximum six students per class

Age: 6-8

Age: 9-12

Age: 13-16

Age 16+

Choir Class

WMA Choir Class

Age: 6- 10

Age: 11-15​

Guitar Lessons

New! Future Star

Guitar + Voice training for the future star! 

During the 10 weeks, the students will spend their time in Guitar and Voice Class equally.

Teacher and Pupil at Piano Lesson

WMA Group Piano

Maximum five students per class

Age: 7-10

Age: 11-15​

Age: 16+

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