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Ballet & Dance Classes

Young Dancers in Ballet Class

Creative Dance

3-4 years old, 30 min classes
20 classes for $260 + 

Every Saturday: 9:30-10:00

Little Ballerinas is an introduction to basic dance skills through fun and innovative ways meant to instill a love for dance while expanding the child's creative approach to movement. Basic coordination and gross motor skills are improved while exploring your child's imagination and creativity while using special props and activities. Classroom etiquette and Ballet basics are introduced as we build a foundation for future learning in dance.

Kinder Ballet

5-7 years old, 45 min classes
20 classes for $300 + gst

Every Saturday: 10:00-10:45

Kinder Ballet is the child's first introduction to classical ballet.  Etiquette, posture and grace are accented while keeping dance a fun and creative experience. Specifically designed for children ages 5-7, this class evolves with the child's educational development, teaching how to be expressive through artistic means. 

Ballet Class With Masks
Young Ballerinas

Ballet Foundation

8-10 years old, 1hour classes
20 classes for $360 + gst

Every Saturday: 10:45-11:30

Ballet is the basic foundation of all dance forms. It teaches proper placement, carriage, grace and poise. Barre exercises develop strength and flexibility, while center work allows the student to practice classic dance principles. In the Ballet Foundation class, students will learn ballet techniques and artistry.

Boys Dance Combo Class

4-6 years old, 30 min classes
20 classes for $260 + gst

7-10 years old, 45 min classes
20 classes for $360 + gst

Every Saturday:
11:15-11:45 (Age 4-6)
11:15-12:00 (Age 7-10)


The Boys Combo Class is a great way to learn how to spin, jump, kick and do all the cool moves from your favourite music videos.  This class will introduce the boys to the techniques of dance and etiquette of the classroom while exploring their creative side in a fun, inclusive, supportive environment. 

What to Wear to your Ballet Classes?

Young Ballerinas

Bodysuit: Your favourite colour bodysuit. Your favourite colour ballet skirt.

Ballet Shoes

Shoes: Pink ballet shoes.  Canvas or leather. 

Girls Lacing Up Their Ballet Shoes

Tights:Pink Ballet Tights.

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 2.38.28 PM.png

Hair: Ballet bun. With ribbons or without. If your hair is too short, just a headband or ponytail.

What to Wear to Boy's Dance Classes?

Fashion in White

Top: Favourite t-shirt for moving around in.  

Pants: Favourite gym pants, shorts, jogging pants.  No jeans please.  

Children Tying Their Shoes

Shoes:Favourite running shoes, or jazz sneakers for better mobility.  Please make sure the shoes worn in the classroom are not outside shoes. 

To register or book a trial class please contact us at 780-695-2396

or fill out our contact form.

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