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Play it. Sing it. Move it. Shake it. Learn it.

Our mission: to help students discover their love for music through practice that is fun and balanced. We strive to offer a large variety of classes and give our students the freedom to choose what they want to learn.


There’s nothing more personal than your taste in music, so the way you study it should be personal too.


Our music school in Edmonton offers a range of instrument, voice, theory, and dance lessons, taught by expert instructors right here in Windermere on the south side. We have toddler music lessons, kids music lessons, adult music lessons, as well as custom and group music lessons. Our dance school also offers dance lessons and dance classes for kids and adults.


Students come to our music school with a love of music, so our goal is to help them discover what style they enjoy the most, ignite their passions, and keep their curiosities alive. Our Windermere dance studio and music school offers enough variety that everyone can discover their own beat, at any skill level from beginner to elite.




Founder and piano instructor of Windermere Music Academy. With 32 years of experience in musical education, performance, and teaching, Carol is dedicated to supporting young musicians on their own journeys. 

Carol Liu

Founder and Piano Instructor


Concert pianist, composer, conductor, and founder of Alberta Symphony Orchestras. Emilio has over 20 years of experience teaching students at any level and age. 

Piano Instructor

Emilio De Mercato


A seasoned violinist and teacher, brings her rich background from Ukraine and the Cairo Symphony Orchestra to Edmonton, where she's a principal at Concordia Symphony and an enthusiastic instructor.

Svitlana Remniakova-Ostrovska

Violin Instructor

Our Story

In 2016, Carol (Xin Liu) founded The Windermere Music Academy with a mission to help students discover their love for music through practice that is fun and balanced.

Carol is originally from China and first became involved with piano at the age of five. Carol was first professionally trained by the distinguished Professor Fang Yi, and later by Ling Zhao Professor of the Central Conservatory of Music. She grew up practicing classical piano and graduated from the Harbin Conservatory of Music (Harbin Normal University Music College). In 2008, after she received her Piano Performance Degree, she moved to Edmonton. In 2016, with her lifelong passion for music, she founded the Windermere Music Academy.

The Windermere Music Academy offers custom music lessons in Edmonton and helps people uncover their musical passions through music and dancing classes in an environment that is welcoming and fun. The music school has options for students to learn to dance and discover diverse music lessons for kids and adults. 


The whole team is educated and experienced, and all instructors have graduated from professional music colleges or taken music as major of their study in university.


Windermere Location

(780) 695-2396  |

318 Windermere Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T6W 2Z8

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Laurier Heights Location (NEW!) 

(780) 233-6271  |

14250 85 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5R 3Z2

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